VISS 2018 - Vienna International Summer School Machine Learning Methods and Data Analytics in Risk and Insurance

VISS 2018 - Vienna International Summer School

"Machine Learning Methods and Data Analytics in Risk and Insurance"

News & Information for Participants


2018-07-18: Again Homework Exercises & Datasets

Datasets were uploaded from Prof. Shevchenko already 2 days ago. Today students (of TU Wien and a few others) got an email with the assignment of the dataset for their homework.


2018-07-16: Slides Hanbury

Prof. Hanbury provides his slides in the password protected area.


2018-07-13: Confirmations of participation

Participants (all except those who participated as students of TU Wien) will get certifications of attendence (PDF). We will try to sort all signatures and email the certifications until mid of next week (July 18, 2018).


2018-07-13: Homework Exercises & Datasets

Prof. Shevchenko uploaded homework exercises but only very few datasets - he will add more (about 60-70) most probably until Saturday, July 14.
Everybody can make the homework for her/himself.
For students of TU Wien: The homework is mandatory for students of TU Wien to get a positive certificate. The speakers Peters & Shevchenko will grade the homework. Datasets will be assigned - please wait for this!
For others who want to be graded: The speakers Peters & Shevchenko agreed to grade a few more homeworks (additionally to the 50-60 homeworks of students of TU Wien). For those who want to be graded - we cannot give a certificate but will write some confirmationletter -, please send me/Sandra an email: Also here datasets will be assigned - please wait for this!


2018-07-11: Slides Szehr

Dr. Szehr provides his slides in the password protected area.


2018-07-09: Slides Shevchenko

Prof. Shevchenko will upload new material daily before his lecture.


2018-07-09: Title & Abstract Szehr

Dr. Szehr provided title & abstract of his talk.


2018-07-09: Downloads

As soon as the speakers send their slides you can find them at the following url
(the necessary password will be mentioned in the lecture hall):


2018-07-08: CVs Szehr & Teichmann

CV-s of Dr. Szehr and Prof. Teichmann were added abstract.


2018-07-06: Abstract Teichmann

Prof. Teichmann provided his abstract.


2018-07-06: Email to Participants

Subject: VISS 2018 - information for participants
Dear participant of VISS 2018,
the Summer School "Machine Learning Methods and Data Analytics in Risk and Insurance" (VISS 2018, at TU Wien starts with the registration on
   Monday, July 9, at 8:30.
Alternatively you can register & fetch the name tag (and maybe meet some other participants for dinner) on Sunday, July 8, at 19:00.
Here is the address:
   "Freihaus" building of TU Wien
   Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10
   1040 Vienna
Within the building there will be a signage so you will easily find the lecture hall "Freihaus Hörsaal 1" (1st floor & red section of the building).
During the main lecture of VISS 2018 the speakers Prof. Dr. Gareth Peters and Prof. Dr. Pavel Shevchenko will use the statistical software R. Participants can (but do not have to) bring along their own laptop with the most recent version of R installed and either a good R programmer editor or R IDE (e.g., the open source edition of RStudio).
Every participant will get a login for the WiFi/WLAN of TU Wien.
The speakers will provide their slides electronically only very short before their talks (Monday morning) - I am very sorry, that I cannot send you the slides already now.
Here you can find lecture notes from Prof. Peters for a similar course he gave at ETH Zurich in 2017:
Additionally to the main course we will have 3 guest lecturers:
   Prof. Dr. Allan Hanbury, TU Wien, Austria
   Dr. Oleg Szehr, University of Vienna, Austria
   Prof. Dr. Josef Teichmann, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
See schedule on:
For certification of participation (especially for CPD-confirmations for actuaries), we will ask you most probably every half day to sign on a list during the course.
On the first day of VISS 2018 (Monday, July 9), the UNIQA Insurance Group invites all participants to a Welcome Reception directly after the talks (18:00 o'clock).
Best wishes,
Sandra Trenovatz
(VISS 2018 secretary)
VISS 2018 - Vienna International Summer School
"Machine Learning Methods and Data Analytics in Risk and Insurance",
Mon-Fri, July 9 - 13, 2018, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria


2018-07-02: Location

Due to renovations and reconstructions near the originally planned lecture hall we decided to change the location. The summer school still takes place next to Karlsplatz but in another building of TU Wien:
"Freihaus" building; address: Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10, 1040 Wien.
See details on the webpage "Venue".


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