Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, TU Wien, Austria TU Wien FAM
EAJ 2014

2nd European Actuarial Journal (EAJ)
Conference & Educational Workshop

TU Vienna, September 8-12, 2014


Vienna Insurance Group
Drei-Banken Versicherungs-AG
HDI Versicherung AG
Gen Re - General Reinsurance AG
Munich RE - Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft
Sparkassen Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group
Springer Science+Business Media


Actuarial Association of Austria - Aktarvereinigung Österreichs (AVÖ)
Vienna University of Technology, Financial anc Actuarial Mathematics Group

Information & News for participants


2014-09-27: The archive of presentations is online. Participations should have got an email with information. If this email did not arrive please write Astrid & Sandra

2014-09-09: Mr. Kulikov cancelled his talk (Thu, session B, 14:55)

2014-09-05: Schedule & Abstracts can be downloaded as PDF.
Printouts will provided in the conference bag.

2014-09-04: The Conference Heuriger is co-sponsored by
"Sparkassen Versicherung AG - Vienna Insurance Group"

2014-09-04: Chairs were added to the schedule

2014-08-19: An updated schedule and overview of contributed talks is online

2014-08-18: The "Vienna Insurance Group (VIG)" agreed to be sponsor of EAJ2014

2014-08-11: Abstracts of contributed talks & posters are online

2014-07-29: Two contributed talks are upgraded to contributed plenary talks

2014-07-23: Prof. Schachermayer agreed to give the closure talk

2014-07-17: Prof. Biagini cancelled her talk


Information for ...

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Information for all participants

The EAJ Event takes place at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).
Address: 1040 Wien, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10, "Freihaus building"
In front of the building als well as within the building you will find information signs so you can find the main lecture hall with the registration desk. The main lecture hall's name is "Freihaus Hörsaal 1" - it is in the read area and first floor of the Freihaus building.

At the EAJ Event we will provide you at least with:

  • name tag (please always wear it visibly!)
  • general information
  • printouts of schedule/program & abstracts
  • login for wireless LAN within the building and the near surrounding
  • list of restaurants for lunch
  • writing pads and ball pens are provided by sponsors
  • map of Vienna, flyer about Vienna (for tourist information see:

A list of participants as well as presentation slides (so far speakers agree) will be provided after the EAJ event - information will be sent via email.

Conference Heuriger

A Heurigen event is organised for all registered participants and speakers on Thursday, September 11, 2014, starting at about 19:00. We thank the "Sparkassen Versicherung AG - Vienna Insurance Group" for co-sponsering this event.

If you don't wish to go to the Conference Heuriger please let us know - otherwise we assume you attend it. The number of participants is important for us for planning the buffet, transport, ...

At this Conference Heurigen we will provide a buffet with a big choice of Austrian specialities. Drinks are included at least up to 22:00. If our budget is spent after this time, participants will be informend and kindly reminded to pay for their own consumption.

Accompanying persons are allowed. Please however inform us about their attendance and provide upfront payment of EUR 60,-.

We provide a coach which will pick you up at 18:15 (on time!) from Wiedner Hauptstrasse 3 (opposite side of the main entrance of the conference venue) to the wine tavern "Heuriger Schübel-Auer". At the end of the evening we ask you to make your own way back. Tramway D starts very close to the wine tavern and goes to Karlsplatz stopping at Vienna State Opera (Ring/Karlsplatz). More detailed information on public transport will be available from the registration desk at the EAJ event. Please ask Sandra or Astrid.

For participants of the EAJ Educational Workshop

Anyone registered for the EAJ Educational Workshop, September 8-9, 2014, is entitled to attend "Berufsständisches Seminar" on Monday, September 29, 2014. No additional registration is necessary.

For participants of the EAJ Conference

We are pleased to announce that for the participants of the EAJ Confernce a Welcome Reception is taking place on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, after the last talk at the Conference venue. We thank our sponsor "Springer Verlag".

Speaker guidance

Thank your for agreeing to participate as speaker at the EAJ 2014 conference or workshop. This information and guidance notes are prepared to ensure you are able to fulfill that role as successfully as possible and are aware of the facilities available to you at the conference venue.

We would very much value your co-operation to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Equipment available

  • blackboard
  • chalks
  • laptop with USB port
  • beamer
  • presenter / laser pointer
  • microphones for speakers and Q&A in the main conference room

Electronic presentation

For compatibility reasons we prefer electronic presentations as PDF file, but PowerPoint should be possible too.
You are welcome to use a (LaTeX/PowerPoint/...) template of your choice.

We ask you to send us the final (almost final) version of your presentation until Tuesday, September 2, lunchtime (Austrian time). Our technician will then test the file - in case of issues we will contact you.

If you emailed us the presentation in advance but then make changes, please just bring the new copy of your presentation with you on a memory stick (in this case we are not able to test the file).

In any case we advise you to bring the latest version of your presentation with you on a memory stick.

Archive of presentations

As a standard procedure we will upload the file of the presentation after the event. The files of the presentations will be password protected and only available for the participants of the EAJ event.

You can send an updated version for the webpage until Tuesday, September 23, 2014.

If you do not agree please let us know.

Length of presentation

For the conference to be successful, it is essential that you keep your talk to the allowed length of time, including allowing appropriate time for discussion. Chairmen are instructed to interrupt if you stray overtime!

Duration of talks including time for discussion:
Contributed talks: 25 minutes
Invited plenary talks: 50 minutes
Talks at the EAJ Educational Workshop: 60 or 90 minutes

Thank you for your co-operation and contribution towards making the conference a success.

Chairmen guidance

Please agree with the speaker beforehand how you will signal that they have approached their time limit. Sessions that overrun cause catering problems, cut breaks short and delay evening arrangements.

Thank you for your co-operation and contribution towards making the conference a success.

Poster Presentation

Printing of the poster in Vienna

For ease of travelling we offer the possibility that we let your poster print at a shop close to the conference venue. In this case we will pay the costs.

If you wish us to print your poster, please email a PDF of the poster by Tuesday, September 2, lunchtime (Austrian time). The poster must be in portrait-style and preferable in A0 to ensure good printing quality.

If your poster is not ready by our deadline, you can still print the poster at the shop. We kindly ask you however to then contact the printer directly.

The printer's details are:
Plot-Service Schiessling
phone: 0043-1-5850079
The opening hours of the shop are 7:30 - 18:00.
An A0 poster (coloured if desired) will cost about 20€.

Thank you for your co-operation and contribution towards making the conference a success.