Financial and Actuarial Mathematics  
TU Wien, Austria  

EAJ 2014

2nd European Actuarial Journal (EAJ)
Conference & Educational Workshop

TU Vienna, September 8-12, 2014


Vienna Insurance Group
Drei-Banken Versicherungs-AG
HDI Versicherung AG
Gen Re - General Reinsurance AG
Munich RE - Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft
Sparkassen Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group
Springer Science+Business Media


Actuarial Association of Austria - Aktarvereinigung Österreichs (AVÖ)
Vienna University of Technology, Financial anc Actuarial Mathematics Group

Submission of Contributed Talks & Posters IS CLOSED

The call is open until June 15, 2014.
Submissions for contributed talks is closed.
Submissions for poster presentation are still welcome until July 31.
Submissions for poster presentations is closed.
Abstracts will be considered for

  • oral presentation (20 minutes talk and 5 minutes for discussion) and
  • poster presentations (A0 portrait format prefered).

Submission Rules

Register First

For submission you have to be previously registered (see registration form).
Registration does not oblige the corresponding author to pay any fee until the abstract is accepted.

Send Title and Abstract

The submission has to include:

  • full name, affiliation
    (we do have your other details from the previous registration)
  • choose the section:
    • Life and Pension Insurance Mathematics
    • Non-Life Insurance Mathematics
    • Risk Management and Solvency II
    • Mathematical Finance with Applications in Insurance
    • Economics of Insurance
  • title of talk or title of poster:
    For upper and lower case use 'sentence case' (only the first word is capitalised, except for proper nouns and other words which are generally capitalised by a more specific rule)
  • abstract (plain text, not as PDF, 300 words approx.)
    As abstracts of accepted talks/posters will be published on the webpage, please use plain text - simple LaTeX formating is no problem (e.g., $x$ → x, $x_n$ → xn, $x^n$ → xn, $\mathbb{R}$ → ℝ,...)
  • co-authors?
    In case of co-authors please mention them (e.g. at the end of the abstract: "Joint work with...")
  • optional: longer abstract or reprint (1 PDF-file)
  • optional: url of personal homepage

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Abstract

The receipt of an abstract will be acknowledged as soon as possible.

Author Notification

Acceptance / Rejection letters for submissions until June 15 will be sent by July 7, 2014 at the latest.

For poster submissions until July 31, 2014, we try to send the acceptance / rejection letters as soon as possible (most probably within 2 weeks).