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"Stochastic Claims Reserving Methods in Insurance"

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Prof. Dr. Alois Gisler

Alois Gisler

Alois Gisler had studied mathematics at ETH in Zürich and he had written his PhD-thesis with Prof. Hans Bühlmann.

After his studies he had been working for nearly 30 years as a full practicing actuary at AXA-Winterthur Insurance Company. He has a broad practical experience in nearly all actuarial fields of a direct insurer, in pricing, reserving, reporting, solvency, securitisation, etc. He had been the head of actuarial non-life and also the appointed actuary for AXA-Winterthur Insurance Company and for Winterthur-ARAG, legal-protection Insurance-Company. In his function as head of actuarial non-life, he was responsible for pricing, reserving, actuarial reporting and other actuarial services. As AXA-Winterthur is the market leader non-life in Switzerland, Alois Gisler was engaged in all major actuarial topics and developments in the Swiss market-place. In particular he was heavily involved in the development of the Swiss Solvency Test, where the model for the insurance risk non-life bears his signature.

Besides being a full practising actuary Alois Gisler has always kept close contact to actuarial science. He had been coeditor of the ASTIN-Bulletin during 10 years. Since 1992 he has been a lecturer in actuarial science and since 2002 a professor at ETH. He has written many articles, mainly in credibility theory.

At mid 2009 Prof. Alois Gisler went on pension at AXA-Winterthur in order to have more time for research and lecturing at ETH.

Prof. Dr. Alois Gisler
ETH Zürich
Departement Mathematik
HG J 58
Rämistrasse 101
CH-8092 Zürich

List of Publications


The Insurance Risk in the SST and in Solvency II: Modeling and Parameter Estimation; paper presented at the ASTIN Colloquium in Helsinki


Recursive Credibility for Chain Ladder Factors and the claims development result, (with H. Bühlmann, M. de Felice, F. Morriconi, M.V. Wüthrich), ASTIN Bulletin, p. 275-306


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A Course in Credibility Theory and its Applications, (with Hans Bühlmann), book, Springer-Verlag.


Multidimensional Credibility and its application to the treatment of large claims, (with H. Bühlmann and D. Kollöffel), paper presented at the ASTIN Colloquium in Berlin.


Some Practical Results in Credibility, paper presented at the international ASTIN Colloquium in Sardinia.


An addendum and a Short Comment on the Paper 'Estimating the Value of the Wincat Coupons of Winterthur Insurance Convertible Bond by U. Schmock', (with P. Frost), ASTIN Bulletin, p. 165-171


Credibility in the Regression case revisited, (with Hans Bühlmann), ASTIN Bulletin, p. 83-98


Wandelanleihe Winterthur-Versicherungen mit WinCAT-Coupons "Hagel", Fixed Income Resarch, Credit-Suisse  First Boston; Authors Kurt Hess und Martin Jaggi; contribution A. Gisler: actuarial part in this research brochure.


Bonus-Malus and Tariff Segmentation, Paper presented at the ASTIN Colloquium in Copenhagen.


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Casualty Actuarial Society, Charles A. Hachemeister Prize 2008: 2nd rank with the paper Credibility for the chain ladder reserving method (with M.V. Wüthrich)


partial award of the 1999 Charly Hachemeister Price, Casualty Actuarial society USA, for the paper An addendum and a Short Comment on the Paper 'Estimating the Value of the Wincat Coupons of Winterthur Insurance Convertible Bond by U. Schmock' (with P. Frost) and the modelling of the WinCAT Convertible Bond


Walter-Saxer Versicherungspreis, Zürich, for the Diploma Thesis "Optimales Stutzen von Daten im Credibility Modell"