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21st International Congress on
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics - IME 2017

Vienna, Mon–Wed, July 3–5, 2017

IME Educational Workshop
Vienna, Thu–Fri, July 6–7, 2017

IME Song 2015




International Melody & Emotion (IME) Lyrics & Music by Georgios Pitselis

Performed by Georgios Pitselis (Vocals), Ilias Illiopoulos (Piano), Thanasis Kyrzidis (Oboe), Georgios Gaitanos (Viola) at IME 2015 in Liverpool.



Hans [Gerber], Elias [Shiu] and Marc [Goovaerts],
three friends in a downtown Park,
they had a nice dream
in what way should fit the extreme.
Beyond the sound of numbers
there is a spirit of melody.
Hans [Gerber] singing "o Mexiko"
and Marc [Goovaerts] "My Way"
I...M...E for many people it’s just a journal,
its not the same for me,
its not the same for Manuel [Morales]
who drinks tequila with me.
Holding the book of modern art
it makes you proud to be a star.
Jan [Dhaene] my friend who rarely drinks gin tonic
but when he does he talks about comonotonic.
I...M...E can't always you remember?
coherent measures and value at risk
but always you remember
Hans Gerber of doing the tricks.
There is no reason for blaming Rob [Kaas]
he is dedicated of doing the dirty job,
your paper had not the right pomp,
blame yourself for being a snob.
Arnold [Shapiro] usually goes for a ride
before he prepares his fuzzy slides.
Gordon [Willmot], David [Landriault] and Andrei [L. Badescu],
three bodies well dressed for the evening cocktail.
I...M...E for many people it's just a journal,
its not the same for you (me)
its not the same for Haliang [Yang]
who dances sirtaki with me.


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