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Subject: Workshop on Numerics and Stochastics

First Announcement

Workshop on Numerics and Stochastics
               August 25-29, 2008
     Helsinki University of Technology
            Institute of Mathematics

as part of the

* Special Year in Numerics 2008-2009
* European Science Foundation through the European Scientific Network
    Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance (AMaMeF)

The workshop is devoted to the various connections between Numerics
and Stochastics from the theoretical point of view and from the view point
of applications, for example in finance.

The week before the conference two minicourses take place at the University
of Jyväskylä as part of the 18th Jyväskylä Summer School
* Numerics of Stochastic Processes (Klaus Ritter, Darmstadt)
* Approximation of stochastic dynamics with application to molecular
     dynamics, kinetic Monte Carlo methods and financial mathematics
     (Anders Szepessy, Stockholm)


* Talks: The length of the talks are not yet fixed, but participants 
who wish to present a talk should send a preliminary title to the 
contact address below.

* Conference fee: there will be no fee, but charges for the conference

* http://math.tkk.fi/numericsyear/numstoch/
* Contact: numstoch at lists.jyu.fi

* Organizers: Timo Eirola, Dario Gasbarra, Stefan Geiss,
     Damien Lamberton, Teemu Pennanen

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