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*Call for Papers*

International Actuarial Meeting


*At the occasion of the "Fifth Statistical Congress of Turkey"*

*20-24 May 2007*

*Antalya, Turkey*

The two statistical scientific and professional non-governmental 
organizations in Turkey, namely The Turkish Statistical Association 
and The Society of Statisticians are organizing this year for the 
fifth time their joint bi-annual Statistical Congress. The date of the 
Fifth Statistical Congress (ISTKON5) is fixed at May, 20-24, 2007. The 
event will take place in Antalya, Turkey, one the most beautiful 
cities of the Mediterranean region.

These Statistical Congresses are the major meetings for the 
statistical academic and professional circles of Turkey, and a large 
number of academic and professional people fro the country is expected 
to participate in ISTKON5.

At the occasion of ISTKON5, the two non-governmental organizations, 
with the support of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, planned to 
organize simultaneously an international actuarial meeting on Risk 
Measures and Solvency (RMS). The RMS Meeting will be embedded in 
ISTKON5 so they will share the same venue, utilize common logistic 
supports and host people participating to each one of them.

RMS Meeting wil welcome all the interested people with or without 
paper sumbissions. Papers with the contents of risk measures, solvency 
issues, actuarial risk theory and its applications, relevant 
statistical methodology, data analyses and case studies are requested.

Contact persons for the RMS Meeting are Jan Dhaene ( 
Jan.Dhaeene at econ.kuleuven.be <mailto:Jan.Dhaeene at econ.kuleuven.be> ) 
for scientific matters and Omer Gebizlioglu ( gebizli at ankara.edu.tr 
<mailto:gebizli at ankara.edu.tr> ) for the organization. The RMS Meeting 
web site address is www.istkon.org/rms <http://www.istkon.org/rms> .

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