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Subject: Risk and Stochastics Day 2007

	Dear All,

	On March 19th 2007, the Risk and Stochastics Group at the London
School of Economics organises the Risk and Stochastics Day 2007, the
first in a series of annual events aiming to communicate current
advances in stochastic methods for measurement and management of risk in
the areas of insurance, finance, and their interface.

	The first Risk and Stochastics Day features the following
invited speakers:
		- Hans Foellmer (Humboldt University, Berlin),
		- Stewart Hodges (University of Warwick),
		- Monique Jeanblanc (University of Evry),
		- Mogens Steffensen (University of Copenhagen),
		- Angelos Dassios (LSE)
		- Adrian Gfeller (LSE).
	They will present results from their research reflecting the
ongoing merger of insurance and finance into a comprehensive concept of
risk management. They will consider especially the problems of risk
measurement and modelling and the design of exotic products based on
risks at the frontier of finance and insurance.

	Further updates on the conference programme can be found on the
Risk and Stochastics webpage

	To attend this event, registration is necessary. To register,
please complete the attached form and return it to the Risk and
Stochastics Group (email: t.w.hewlett at lse.ac.uk  or fax: +44 (0) 20 955
7416).  Queries can be directed to the Chair of the organizing
Committee, Pauline Barrieu (email: p.m.barrieu at lse.ac.uk ).

	Do not hesitate to forward this message to anyone who might be

	I am looking forward to seeing you there,

	Best wishes,

	Pauline Barrieu.

	To learn about the Risk and Stochastics Group at LSE, please go
to our website <http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/riskAndStochastics/>

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