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Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Bedlewo, June 3-8, 2002
The organizers: L. Stettner and J. Zabczyk

The following invited speakers have already confirmed their participation:
N.V. Ahmed, A. Bagchi, A. Budhiraja, T. Bielecki, V.S. Borkar,
E. Cadenillas, B. Goldys, K. Helmes, O. Hernandez-Lerma, Y. Kabanov,
J.B.Lasserre, B. Maslowski, H. Nagai, B. Pasik-Duncan, St. Pliska,
U. Rieder, W. Runggaldier, M. Schal, A.Swiech, N. Touzi, G. Yin,
J. Yong, X.Y. Zhou, Q. Zhang.

As we have declared in the first announcement the conference will be
devoted to various aspects of stochastic control and stochastic analysis.
In the last two days of the workshop we shall concentrate on applications
in mathematics of finance. The Workshop will start on Monday, June 3rd at
9 a.m. and will close on Saturday June 8th in the afternoon. The
accomodation will be available starting from June 2nd till Sunday June
9th. The conference will take place in the Mathematical Conference Center
in Bedlewo, a small village located approximately 30 km to the south of
Poznan in a nice forest area. You can come to Poznan by train (from
Warsaw or Berlin it takes 3 hours), or by plane (there is an airport in
Poznan). To reach Mathematical Conference Center from Poznan take a local
train to Mosina (Wroclaw direction) and then a taxi to Bedlewo. If you
send us the details about your arrival we shall try to pick you up from
the airport or Poznan railway station. We also plan to locate one of our
students with a poster of the conference on Sunday (June 2nd) in the
afternoon in the Poznan railway station, who may help you to reach

We shall need the title and an abstract of your talk by May 10, 2002.

E-mail contact : finance@impan.gov.pl.

Sponsors of the workshop:

European Commission Directorate General Research (the project "Institute
of Mathematics - the Stefan Banach Center as a Center of Excellence")

Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences

Committee of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences

                 In the name of organizers

                                             Michal Baran.