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Thu, 29 Nov 2001 09:32:21 +0100 (MET)

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Dear Colleague,

Please circulate the following announcement (we are sorry for possible
multiple posting!)
Also, attached is a conference poster. We would be very grateful if you
could display it in your institution! 


28th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications 

1-5 July 2002

Melbourne, Australia 

The conference will provide an international forum for the presentation
and discussion of new results in the area of the theory and applications
of stochastic processes.


The themes of the conference include: stochastic analysis, discrete random
processes and randomised algorithms, topics in limit theorems, Markov
chain Monte Carlo, Markov processes, random processes in random
environments, point processes, as well as application areas such
as: stochastic processes in finance and insurance, stochastic processes in
physics, applications to telecommunications, time series, modelling in
biology and medicine. 

The Scientific Advisory Committee of the conference comprises S. Asmussen,
P.J. Brockwell, L.H.Y. Chen, F. Den Hollander, C.C. Heyde, G.R. Grimmett,
I.A. Ibragimov and O. Zeitouni.

The program consists of fifty-minute lectures delivered by invited
speakers and twenty-minute contributed talks by participants on various
topics related to stochastic processes and their applications.

The list of confirmed invited speakers to date includes: I. S. Borisov
(Novosibirsk), P. Del Moral (Toulouse), P. Embrechts (Zurich),
O. Haggstrom (Goteborg), K. Johansson (Stockholm), Zhi-Ming Ma (Beijing),
M. Neuts (Tuscon), T. Ozaki (Tokyo), P. Protter (Cornell) and D. Siegmund

The conference language is English.

The registration form, abstract template and accommodation details can be
downloaded from the Conference website at


Please complete the form and return with payment or credit card details by
mail or fax to the conference address (see below). 


Those wishing to present a paper at the conference should submit an
abstract using our LaTeX template. This template can be downloaded from
the conference website. Please ensure that the printed output of your
abstract fits into one page. Please e-mail your LaTeX source file to 


and if ready, also send a printed copy of your abstract with your
registration form.

The DEADLINE for submission of abstracts is 3 May 2002. 


Melbourne is a city of over 3 million people and has been judged to be one
of the most liveable cities in the world. The conference will be held at
the University of Melbourne (www.unimelb.edu.au) which is in the
cosmopolitan Carlton, close to the centre of the city. Some links to sites
with Melbourne tourist information can be found in the Local Information
section of the conference website.


The registration fee is AU$400 for academics (AU$ 450 after 3 May 2002),
and AU$200 for students (AU$1=US$0.5 approx. in November 2001). 

Budget accommodation (details are on the website) is available at AU$55
per night. Hotel accommodation is available in the range from AU$110 to

Please note that in 2001 it was possible to buy return airtickets from
Europe and/or North America to Melbourne for about US$1,000. Further
information will be provided on request.  


Apart from its scientific merits, participating in the conference is an
excellent opportunity to visit Australia, one of the most beautiful and
interesting countries in the world. Several excursions are being organized
for the conference participants. Also feel free to make your own
arrangements to visit the Great Barrier Reef and other fantastic places in
Australia during your visit. 

Looking froward to hearing from you, 

Tim Brown, Chairman, Organizing Committee,
Kostya Borovkov, Sci. Secretary

Postal address: 
SPA28: Bronwen Hewitt, 
Conference Management, 
Old Physics Building,
The University of Melbourne, 
VIC 3010,

Fax:   (+61-3) 8344 6122, tph: (+61-3) 8344 6389
E-mail: bhewitt@unimelb.edu.au

URL:  http://www.spa28.ms.unimelb.edu.au