[FAM-news] FAM-news and the Vienna Finance Newsletter VFN-L

Andreas Schamanek * FAM-ily administrator admin@fam.tuwien.ac.at
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 18:02:25 +0200 (MEST)

Dear FAM-news subscriber,

  There are currently two mailing lists for announcements in the fields
of finance and financial mathematics:

  1) our Financial and Actuarial Mathematics Newsletter (FAM-news) and 

     The FAM-ily Newsletter provides news and announcements of, from,
     about, and for the Department of Financial and Actuarial
     Mathematics of Vienna University of Technology. 

  2) the Vienna Finance Newsletter (VFN-L)

     The Vienna Finance Newsletter is a mailing list for announcements
     of lectures, conferences (and more) about finance and economics. 

It's likely that one announcement is interesting for both lists. If you
are or if you were subscribed to both of them you would receive the same
message twice if it were sent to both lists. That's why the owner and
the administrator of FAM-news decided that messages sent to the much
bigger list VFN-L are not forwarded and are not cross-posted to FAM-news.

We suggest that you subscribe at least to VFN-L (see below for details).
If you are subscribed to FAM-news (you probably *are* if you are reading
this) then you will sure benefit from a subscription to VFN-L. Since the
VFN-L is moderated (BTW, by me) it's a low volume/high quality list
worth being subscribed to.

This decision was originally posted to FAM-news in April 2000. A copy of
the original message can be found at

Yours administratively,

-- Andreas


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