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Full Professor of Credit Markets and Financial Intermediation

WU is currently inviting applications for the position of a Full Professor of Credit Markets and Financial Intermediation at the Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics. Candidates are expected to have established an international reputation as a researcher in their field.
WU is committed to diversity and inclusion, and qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply. In case of equal qualification, female candidates will be given preference. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply and will be supported during each stage of the recruitment process.

WU assesses performance in the context of each applicant’s biography and relative to the opportunities available to him or her. This approach recognizes that academic achievements cannot be assessed separately from each individual researchers’ biographical factors. To ensure equal opportunities, qualifications are evaluated relative to the applicant’s academic age. This means that WU takes biographical factors such as part-time employment or career interruptions due to caregiving or childcare obligations or other functions performed at or outside of a university into account.
In your application, you can include personal data related to biographical factors. WU will keep all data that you send us as part of your application confidential. All persons involved in the selection procedure are bound by obligations of secrecy.

The new professor of Credit Markets and Financial Intermediation will join the Institute for Finance, Banking and Insurance at WU’s Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics. Members of the Institute are regularly affiliated with the Vienna Graduate School of Finance (VGSF), which offers a high level PhD program in Finance. He or she will further increase the academic reputation of these institutions and expand their international network.


The successful candidate is expected to have established an international reputation as a researcher in his/her field and to have outstanding qualifications:

  • a solid academic qualification (e.g. PhD, habilitation) in finance or a related area
  • an outstanding international reputation in high quality scholarship with a focus on empirical research in the area of credit markets, risk management and financial intermediation commensurate with academic age, especially by having demonstrated the ability to publish in top-tier journals of the field
  • excellent teaching qualifications at undergraduate, graduate and executive level
  • international experience
  • proven record in attracting research funding
  • leadership qualities
  • gender and diversity management skills

What we expect from the successful candidate

The successful candidate will participate in teaching programs at all levels (bachelor’s, master’s, PhD/doctorate, and executive education). Full professors are expected to teach eight weekly credit hours.

Teaching experience in English is required; teaching experience in German is not necessary. Non-German-speaking candidates will be expected to acquire proficiency in German over a certain period of time.

We expect the new professor to take an active role in the ongoing development of the academic programs and to be willing to serve as a program director of one of the Department’s master programs.

We also expect the new professor to take an active role in the university’s self-governance and third mission activities.

Application process

Applicants should address their applications and all relevant documents (including in any case a letter of motivation, academic CV, reference to the criteria specified in the call for applications) to the rector of WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna.
Please note: In their application documents, applicants must respond to all criteria specified in the call for applications, especially to items A) Qualifications and B) Expectations. A reference to these two items is considered a mandatory element of any application to WU Vienna, and any applications that lack this mandatory element cannot be considered.

Applications must be submitted by July 24, 2019.

For details of the position, please contact Professor Stefan Pichler, Institute for Finance, Banking and Insurance, by phone: ++43-1-31336-5685, or email:

employed under salary group A 1 pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Staff [Kollektivvertrag für die Arbeitnehmer/innen der Universitäten], minimum gross yearly salary: € 71,882.80; the actual annual gross salary is subject to negotiation

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