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Research Project in Cryptocurrency Trading

The Institute for International Business of WU Wien is inviting applications for contract work to be completed as part of a larger research project in the area of cryptocurrency trading. Due to the specific nature of this research project and the detailed requirements for its deliverables, some sub-projects are to be completed on the basis of independent contractor agreements. The first such sub-project is concerned with the applicability of algorithmic trading methods in cryptocurrency trading.

Your duties:

The successful applicant is expected to develop a framework of technical analysis strategies customary to traditional foreign exchange trading and evaluate their applicability in the cryptocurrency trading environment. Moreover, he/she is expected to develop a market research strategy to assess the current size and maturity of algorithmic crypto trading. Both the framework and strategy are to be delivered in the form of a presentation and project report. The expectation towards these two deliverables (presentation and report) will be clearly defined and discussed with the candidate before the commencement of this contract. Successful completion of the two deliverables is to be achieved within two pre-defined deadlines of 45 days each (three months for both deliverables). Contingent upon completion of each deliverable, remuneration will be settled in the form of a lump-sum payment at the end of each deadline. Each deliverable will be remunerated with 1,000€, resulting in a total contract value of 2,000€. The award of this contract agreement is subject to the signing of a non-disclosure agreement about the contents of this research project.

Your profile:

  • pursuing an ongoing university degree (master level or equivalent) in finance, quantitative finance, information systems, computer science, mathematics, physics, business administration or related disciplines with at least one term until graduation
  • a demonstrated interest in supporting the above research areas and activities
  • a strong analytical mind
  • very good communication skills
  • strong IT skills
  • effective in independently organizing and structuring task
  • highly proficient in spoken and written English

Special consideration will be given to applicants with experience in general trading, algorithmic trading, technical analysis and possibly in cryptocurrency trading.

Deadline: June 29, 2018

Apply via mail to: moritz.putzhammer@wu.ac.at

For more information, visit: https://www.wu.ac.at/en/iib/research/cryptotrading/

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