Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, TU Wien, Austria TU Wien FAM
2001-05-11  MSword file

in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
at the Vienna University of Technology

2 Post-Doc-ships:

The successful applicants will have a PhD in Mathematics specialising in Mathematical Finance or Actuarial Mathematics, or in a field related to these topics, e.g., stochastic processes or, more generally, probability theory, functional analysis, control theory, numerical aspects of PDE's etc. Some background in finance also will be highly appreciated. He/she will have a high potential and a strong will to do research and will name 3 peers who are willing to write a letter evaluating the applicant's academic qualifications. The yearly salary will be EUR 35.056.-- = ATS 482.381,-- (before tax and social security contribution).

The Research Group:

The Research group on Financial and Actuarial Mathematics is directed by W. Schachermayer ( and attached to his chair of financial and actuarial mathematics at the Vienna University of Techology. W. Schachermayer has received the Wittgenstein-Prize in 1998 (which the Austrian Science Foundation has created following the pattern of the McArthur prize in the US and the Leibniz prize in Germany), which constitutes a grant of ATS 15 Mill. (appr. US$ 1 Mill.) to be spent on research activities in the subsequent five years. This grant will finance (among other activities) the 2 positions announced.
The research group presently consists of 11 academic researchers. The research is focused on stochastic processes and their applications in finance.

Duration of Contracts:
The anticipated starting date is 1. October 2001, but an alternative date may be possible. The contract will be for two years.

Candidates should mail their applications, including a Curriculum Vitae, to Professor Walter Schachermayer, Vienna University of Technology, Dept. of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/105, A-1040 Wien, Austria or e-mail it to

The application deadline is 31. July 2001.

More information on the research group financial and actuarial mathematics and the specifics of the above positions can be obtained from Professor Walter Schachermayer, Tel. +43-1-58801-10511, email: