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Vienna Congress on Mathematical Finance - VCMF 2019
Mon–Wed, Sept. 9–11, 2019

VCMF Educational Workshop
Thu–Fri, Sept. 12–13, 2019

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... Speakers at the VCMF Congress

Duration of talks:

Contributed talks: 25 min + 5 min Q&A
Invited talks: 40 min + 5 min Q&A
Plenary talks: 40-45 min + 5 min Q&A

[Q&A ... Questions & Answers]

In case your name/talk is missing on the following webpages, please inform us:
Speakers: Poster Presenters
Program: VCMF 2019 Conference

Rooms and equipment:

The talks are located in two different buildings and 6 rooms:

LC - Library & Learning Center:

     Ceremonial Hall (LC.0.100 ground floor)
     [only plenary talks on Monday and Tuesday]

D5 - Department Building:

     Room A (D5.0.001, ground floor)
     [plenary talks on Wednesday and all invited talks]

     Room B (D5.0.002, ground floor)
     Room C (D5.1.001, first floor)
     Room D (D5.1.002, first floor)
     Room E (D5.1.003, first floor)
     [contributed talks]

Please find a map of the venue (WU Campus) here:
Venue: Campus of WU Vienna (map)

You can already find the room of your talk here:
Program: VCMF 2019 Conference -> Schedule (PDF)

All of the rooms are equipped with computer/laptop and projector. The rooms A to E in Building D5 are fully equipped teaching rooms with teacher's PC with screen (interactive pen display), projector and height-adjustable magnetic whiteboards (almost as good as black boards). Microphones will be provided for the two larger rooms, the Ceremonial Hall and Room A.

Volunteers for technical support will be there before and during the talks.

It is possible to use your own laptop if necessary (e.g. if you want to show live simulations, movies etc.). Note that we might not be able to provide all connectors - you are on the safe side with the connectors VGA (16 x 8 mm2) and HDMI (Typ A ,14 x 4,5 mm2). For this please meet the volunteer in the room before the stream starts.


Please bring the last version of your slides on a USB flash drive directly to your talk.
To be on the safe side, we ask you to upload your slides (final or almost-final versions) for us through the upload link given below:

File name (important!):


We suggest a version-id (v1, v2, ... or 20190830a, 20190830b, 20190901a, ...) but it also works without as we can see the save date.

Upload link...

  for TALKS only(!):
  [see a screenshot of the upload webpage below]

Optional: Share slides with other participants:

Subsequent to the conference, we would like to put slides to a password protected area for participants only. If you want to share your slides with others please write an email to with the short text:
"I agree to share my slides with other participants".
For sharing the slides with others you can upload updated slides until Thursday, Sept. 12. Slides will not be shared with participants before this date.




... Poster presenters at the VCMF Congress

The organizing team of VCMF 2019 will take care of printing the posters on behalf of the poster presenters.

In order to take advantage of this free service for your poster you will have to UPLOAD us your ready-to-print poster.

Please note the following:

Preferred specifications:

  file format: PDF
  size: Din A0 (841mm x 1189mm)
  portrait layout

File name (important!):


We suggst a version-id (v1, v2, ... or 20190830a, 20190830b, 20190901a, ...) but it also works without as we can see the save date.

Upload link...

  for POSTERS only(!):
  [see a screenshot of the upload webpage below]

Deadline for almost final version:

Sunday, September 1, 2019 (midnight)

We ask to upload an almost final version, so we can test printing the file (as small version). In case anything does not work we can still tell you and there is time to fix problems.

Final deadline:

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 (midnight)

We will not be able to print posters submitted after this date – in this case it is your responsibility to bring a printed poster with you to the conference location.

The posters will be presented from Monday, 1st coffee break, until Tuesday, 1st coffee break, in front of the main lecture hall of the VCMF Conference (building LC - Learning Center).

A preliminary list of poster presenters and their abstracts can be found on the VCMF 2019 webpage:

Speakers: Poster Presenters
Program (Abstracts): Poster Presenters

In case of any problem (your name/poster is missing, typo/mistake at abstract,...) please contact us as as soon as possible.


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