Karl-Heinz Wolff

What is truth ?

What is truth ? (Full Text as pdf-document)

Stichworte: Erstes Hilbert Problem, Cantor'sches Diagonalverfahren, Abzählbare Anordnung der reellen Zahlen, Kontinuumhypothese, Überabzählbarkeit, First Hilbert Problem, Cantor's diagonal process (Critic), continuum hypothesis, countable arrangement, uncountability


When speaking of "truth" one assumes a "language" and a person who calls something expressed in this language as "true." First we bring some order in all possible languages and persons. The term "truth" turns out to make sense only relative to a possible person. It lacks a criterion for an absolute or objective truth. In the area of mathematics it follows a contradiction in the concept of uncountable quantities. But also implications for other areas such as natural law or religion should be considered.

Karl-Heinz Wolff

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