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Individual Arrangement

Individual Arrangement (Voller Text als pdf-Dokument)

Stichworte: Erstes Hilbert Problem, Cantor'sches Diagonalverfahren, Abzählbare Anordnung der reellen Zahlen, Kontinuumhypothese, Überabzählbarkeit, First Hilbert Problem, Cantor's diagonal process (Critic), continuum hypothesis, countable arrangement, uncountability


      Language is used to transmit messages. The "meaning" of a message should be given from the informant to the recipient of the message. A written, oral or otherwise formulated message is taken on its own not yet "meaningful". It is a "physical reality" such as a handwritten piece of paper, a monitor covered with signs, an acoustic phenomenon such as language etc. It can get a "meaning" only through the informant himself or through a receiving person. Such a " meaning" is therefore dependent on individuals.

      Starting from these considerations, one comes to conclusions for the set theory. It turns out that all proofs of the existence of uncountable sets contains a contradiction. As an example the set of real numbers between 0 and 1 is checked. Finally, it follows that every proof of the existence of sets with a cardinality größer als |N| contains a contradiction.

Karl-Heinz Wolff

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