Karl-Heinz Wolff

Contribution to the first Hilbert Problem

Contribution to the first Hilbert Problem (Full Text as pdf-Document)

Stichworte: Erstes Hilbert Problem, Cantor'sches Diagonalverfahren, Abzählbare Anordnung der reellen Zahlen, Kontinuumhypothese, Überabzählbarkeit, First Hilbert Problem, Cantor's diagonal process (Critic), continuum hypothesis, countable arrangement, uncountability


Basis of our investigations is a countable order of everything thinkable. On this basis it will be shown that all proofs of the existence of uncountable sets contains a contradiction. As a concrete example, the second diagonal argument of Cantor will be quoted and a contradiction in this argument will be proved. This simultaneously solves the first-Hilbert problem.

Karl-Heinz Wolff

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