Karl-Heinz Wolff

A universal ordering

A universal ordering (Full Text as pdf-Dokument)

Stichworte: Erstes Hilbert Problem, Cantor'sches Diagonalverfahren, Abzählbare Anordnung der reellen Zahlen, Kontinuumhypothese, Überabzählbarkeit, First Hilbert Problem, Cantor's diagonal process (Critic), continuum hypothesis, countable arrangement, uncountability


      After the introduction of quantum mechanics as a tool for describing nature th former concept of a continuous space-time had to be reconstructed. For human beings it is obvious that between their ideas and materia there is a basic difference. But is this actually true?

      Such ideas lead to a critical reconsideration of the concept of continuum. In particular we will investigate in what sense uncountable sets exist, for example the uncountable set of real numbers, considering the fact that in a discrete world everything that exists including the ideas of human beings has to be countable.

Karl-Heinz Wolff

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