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You can browse most of my web pages with different styles/themes applied.


Night on Fire
Classy white on black with red links
Since I still prefer to work with dark backgrounds this is my default style: Light text on a black background with anchors (links) burning through it like fire in the night  ;-)
Black on White
Black on white to please most surfers' eyes
Dark, mostly black text without serifs on a nearly white background. Links are bold and blue, or gray if already visited. The text appears somewhat bigger.
Compact Style
Black on white but smaller and more compact
This style features black text on a nearly white background. The font style includes serifs for better readability but fonts are generally smaller.
Yellow on Black
Yellow on black with a nuance of sublime dark red
This used to be the style of my web pages for many years, from 1997 until 2005 (the end of the era of CRT monitors). Yellow text on a nearly black background, colored links and default (i.e. undefined) text size.
Printing Style
The style for printing is applied automatically when you print. You probably do not want to choose it for browsing.

Style and colors are a matter of taste. I hope you can enjoy one of the styles provided here. Most of my web pages allow to quickly change style and colors. See Switch colors and themes: [w/b] [b/w] [y/b] at the bottom of each page.

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