My Definition Of System Administration


With System Administration, precisely speaking Computer Systems' Administration, since I am occasionally calling myself a system administrator, I mean the following:

Computer Systems' Administration means management of computer infrastructures in a way to minimize human-computer interaction.

In other words, system administrators should manage, order, build, install, configure, and maintain (your) computers so that you will have to use them less, or not at all. The definition applies to itself in so far as system administrators will seek to minimize their own human-computer interaction.
The act of system administration is somewhat like medical care. A medical practitioner should keep you healthy, and, if she or he succeeds in doing so, you should never need to see your doctor. Best system administration means you should never need to work with computers.
And, just like medical practitioners, system administrators are to keep confidential any information to which they have access.

Compared to my definition of a system administrator an Operator, precisely speaking a Computer Systems' Operator, will try to keep computer systems running, whereas a system administrator will try to get rid of them. Though, every system administrator essentially relies on system operators as long as computers are in use (and be it that the system administrator her- or himself does the job).

My Definition Of System Administration
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