v0.16 * 2019-01-28 switch to UTF-8, responsive CSS, various minor tweaks * Removed `@` (error suppression) from `include($configfile)` * Changed charset to UTF-8, added viewport + RSS guid+atom links * updated copyright date + URLs * buffering workarounds, responsive CSS, various tweaks * added $showdiagnostics to print errors in extra rows v0.15 * 2012-08-05 converted to HTML5, improved progress indicator, ... v0.15 * 2012-08-04 added ping6 (suggested by Todd Johnson; thanks!) * Added support for IPv6 pings by means of ping6 command * Settings: Added example for SSH on IPv6 localhost [::1] * Settings: Added default setting for $ping6_command * HTML: Changed doctype to generic HTML5 * HTML: Removed deprecated cellpadding, added padding to CSS td * CSS: Fixed padding for .$online, .$offline since we removed cellpadding * Progress indicator now shown by Javascript (fix for text-only browsers, ..) * Improved flushing of web page as checks go on, see http://php.net/flush v0.14 * 2009-12-05 Default CSS code change to improve font size scaling * CSS: body {font-size:87%;} + html>body {font-size:14px; /*for FF*/} * CSS: Slightly reduced size of .version * CSS: Removed font-size from .status_table td v0.13 * 2009-11-18 $alertfile is only included if larger than 2 bytes * Include $alertfile only if readable and larger than 2 bytes v0.12 * 2009-11-12 cleaned up and simplified settings mechanism v0.11 * 2009-11-09 added RSS feed option for alerts ***