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New Features/Updates


[X] Support for links/URLs by means of [url=URL]text[/url]


[X] The alt attributes ([ ], [X], ( ), ...) are now correctly set and change when items are clicked (so copying a formatted list to plain text works with Firefox; IE or Google Chrome do not support copying alt attributes).

[X] In tables 3 _ (underline characters) are converted to a horizontal spacer. Space characters are ignored (in order to allow alignment of the pipe symbols in lists' source code).


[X] Vertical spacing: 2 consecutive empty lines are converted to a vertical spacer


[X] Experimental support for tables in HTML styles (not for "Forms")


[X] Accesskey: Type a new list, press Alt-Shift-S to submit (create)

[X] Style "Stylish (HTML)" now allows to edit text fields

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