Checklist Generator: Details


Checklist Items

There are basically 2 types of items: Ones with square boxes (checkboxes) and ones with circles. Lines starting with # become checkbox items. Lines starting with o become items with circles instead of checkboxes.


[ ] # makes a checklist item with a checkbox

( ) o makes a checklist item with a circle

If x or * (instead of # and o) is used, the checklist items will be already checked.


[X] x makes a checklist item with a checked checkbox

(X) * makes a checklist item with a checked circle


Lines which should appear as headlines have to start with === (largest headline), == (medium), or = (smallest). The 3 sizes correspond with the HTML tags h1, h2, and h3. Respective trailing equal signs are removed.


Large headline (h1)

Medium headline (h2)

Smallest headline (h3)

Text Input Fields

Checklist items and other text may use [] which gets substituted with a text input field (its size may be defined on the Checklist Generator's entry form). You may also size them individually by adding underscore characters as in [____] or [_______].


[] becomes

Individually sized text fields: (1), (2), (3), (4)

[ ] Checklist items can also be combined with text input:

Indented Lines

Lines which start with exactly 2 space characters will appear indented, i.e. with some added left margin.


[ ] This checklist item is not indented.

[ ] This checklist item is indented.

Items Continued On Same Line

Line breaks can be avoided by adding a space character at the end. For instance, a checklist item following an item ending with a space character will appear on the same line.


[ ] A checklist item with no space at the end of the line.

[ ] An item with a space at the end of the line. [ ] Another item.

The same works for paragraph text.


Some text with no space at the end of the line becomes a single paragraph.

Some text with a space at the end of the line (line ends here) / will be continued with text from the next line (line ends here) / [ ] even if it is a checklist item.

URLs, Links and Anchors

To include a link to a website or mail address use [url=link]text[/url].


To link e.g. to the Checklist Generator use [url=]Checklist generator homepage[/url]: Checklist generator homepage
To link to a mail address use e.g. [][/url]:

Miscellaneous Notes

(X) The first headline of a checklist becomes the HTML title of the created list.

(X) Single empty lines and comments are ignored. They do not show up in the created checklist. Comment lines have to start with //.

(X) Two or more consecutive empty lines will show up as vertical space.

(X) 3 space characters are replaced by a spacer (in HTML speak 3  ). Example:   S   p    a      c       e   r s. The only exception is in tables: Here space characters are ignored to allow better alignment. To create a spacer use 3 _ (underline characters) instead.

(X) Lines starting with 4 dashes (----) become horizontal lines.

Super tricky stuff

(X) In order to write [ ] one has to write a space between the brackets so that they are not converted to a text input field.

(X) There's no safe way to write exactly [url=...]...[/url]. Instead one could include a space, e.g. after ..., such as in [url=... ]...[/url].

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