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To use (install) a bookmarklet either right-click the link and add it to your bookmarks or favorites, or, better, drag the link to your browser's bookmark menu bar. Optionally rename it. Once added just click it.


NoteIt bookmarklet variants:

I often need to copy the URL of a web page into mail messages, wiki pages, notebooks, and e.g. bibliographies. Here, the NoteIt bookmarklet can help. When clicked a small popup window with an editable text appears which includes the title of the current web page, its URL (web address), the current date and time and any text which was selected. Then the text can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to wherever.

To try it out use the mouse to mark some text on this page and click on NoteIt.

NoteIt should work with all major browsers. It works best with Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. We did not test it on Opera. It also works with Internet Explorer 7 but keyboard operation is limited. Any feedback is welcome (see below for my address).


When composing messages in Roundcube webmail the panel for attachments occupies a lot of space, especially useless if no attachments are to be attached. As a temporary solution, I created a bookmarklet to hide or show the panel: Roundcube: Hide/Show attachments panel

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The code to format date and time is based on snippets of Svend Tofte's formatDate Javascript function. (Original URL defunct since 2014, copies available at

Some bookmarklets
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