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SysAdmin'ish Blog: Tools to help analyze freezes

Updated my GPG/PGP key
The old key 0x94108325 (sub 0x47EBA341) has been revoked. The new key is 0xAF1A0EF8 (5C564614AF1A0EF8). Its fingerprint is 3155 517B E69E 8382 E223 3B4F 5C56 4614 AF1A 0EF8.

SysAdmin'ish Blog: Keep smiling :-9
What does this smiley stand for?

SysAdmin'ish Blog: Easy backups that ain't backups
When your backups are easy to access they ain’t backups.

SysAdmin'ish Blog: Andrew Gallagher on archeology

Large parts of kiss_procmail_list.rc rewritten + extended
Some bugs fixed, some new ones (probably) buried. Made the old version of the script available as v1. The new version comes with a helper script to handle bounces in a better way.

ad finitum features a new text
quoting lyrics of Ani DiFranco's song "Binary"

Minor feature additions to kiss_procmail_list.rc
Added option to also add list of subscribers to messages that are of type multipart/mixed or multipart/related; plus, we now support "nomail" subscriptions

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