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I canceled my SMS no. 0828270 0244209.

birthday parties: no thanks card 2010 on aging

It's week no. 47 :-)

Updated choose.php: 2 new search options, 1 new feature, 1 bug fix
Added support for options with no access key.
Re-added Clusty as Yippy search, and added the new and interesting search
Fixed 1 bug with handling # signs, and 1 issue with CSS max-width.

Re-Alpine 2.02 has been released

Prof. Karl Karrer, M.D., renowned Austrian cancer researcher, passed away 2010-08-27 at age 87

Professor Karrer was born in Kufstein, Austria, in 1923. All his life was dedicated to cancer research, especially small cell lung cancer (SCLC). He was among the founding members of the IASLC. In Vienna, Austria, he helped to establish the Institute of Cancer Research where he held leading positions until his retirement. As a chairman of the The Lung Cancer Study Group of the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC-LCSG) he ran an international randomized study with the largest patient data pool at that time. In 1996, Professor Karrer was elected a member of The New York Academy of Sciences.
His main scientific objectives were the role of surgery for cure followed by chemotherapy, and the importance of pTNM staging of SCLC.

The ratty blog is on hold for now
Due to time constraints and in order to move on to other projects I'll stop feeding this blog for now. So long, and thanks indeed to all artists, and followers.

Again updated choose.php: Fixed a bug I introduced with last update

Updated choose.php: Fixed handling of '+'; removed 'Clusty'
'Clusty' was acquired by Yippy who apparently changed the interface.

No ErrorDocument reaches limit of 10 internal redirects

Again updated choose.php: Fixed handling of '&'
I had removed Scroogle when it was defunct but re-added it since it reappeared.

I removed my web pages on mountaineering, climbing, etc.
They were largely outdated, and most of it is easily found elsewhere.

New version of choose.php with bug fixes + more instructions

I keep my private bookmarks now at Diigo
since Simpy is unfortunately not maintained anymore.

Small update of choose.php (cleaned up some paths)

Check DNS entries with a Bash script

choose.php: ChooSE your search engine
choose.php allows users to choose a preferred search engine before doing the actual search

New version 2.03 of autoreply_deferentially.rc

in gedenken

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