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Due to lack of interest human ecology will be canceled.

SysAdmin'ish Blog: Self-signed certificates with subjectAltName

Tierende Tiere
Was haben Fliegen, Robben und Schleichen gemeinsam? Und wie tieren andere Tiere? (Text von Irene Klein & Andreas Schamanek)

ad finitum features a new text
"what makes us human is what we share."

Updated choose.php: ChooSE your search engine

SysAdmin'ish Blog: Self-signed certificates & Thunderbird again
The personal and the CA's certificate cannot be the same anymore.

Workaround for ssh-agent + ssh-add -c in Ubuntu 18.04 + 18.10

Updated netstat.php: switch to UTF-8, responsive CSS, various minor tweaks
Also, time & error diagnostics can now be shown in extra rows (e.g. with ?diags)

Bug report: ssh-askpass(-gnome) fails for ssh-add -c
I am having a hard time believing that ssh-agent with ssh-add -c keeps failing for each and every release of Ubuntu that I tried, since years. Until Ubuntu 18.04, I was at least able to fix it myself, but this time I have no clue, yet.

SysAdmin'ish Blog: Tools to help analyze freezes

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