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ad finitum features a new text
"I doubt my intelligence, and yet it does not increase."

I removed my public bookmark collections, too much work for almost no gain

I removed my old gallery for now

Updated choose.php: ChooSE your search engine
Various tweaks, also added search engines Carrot2, Mojeek and Peekier, fixed Qwant search; fixed the opensearch description XML (also renamed choose-ffse.xml to opensearch.xml); see also the ChooSE extended list with short descriptions of each search engine

SysAdmin'ish Blog: NEW keyboard, NOW fully wired!

Ausgewaehlte Links zu CoViD-19
2021-06-06 hab ich alle meine oeffentlichen Bookmarksammlungen offline genommen, weil der Wartungsaufwand zu grosz war.

Removed some cruft of and about old web pages that I ran like my page about my mailing lists, and archives of CaRs-L, cUltuRe-L, and MuS-L, plus old hotlists

The site has been closed.
It's been archived thanks to

Neue Homepage für Mag.a Marion Herbert
Umsetzung einer minimalistischen, privaten Homepage mit CSS-only Lightbox, ohne JavaScript, ohne Cookies, ohne Webfonts und ohne Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten

Due to lack of interest human ecology will be canceled.

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