A mirror site of the
MIDI Rhythm Generator
by Jean Vaucher (source code - v3)
with help from Jas and Nowick Gray

mirror located at Vienna University of Technology, Austria

New version accepts Flams: 'f' or 'F'
Signal   Mute Lead
   Custom sounds:

Specify the midi sounds for each letter as follows: "letter":"intrument # [: vol ]
See Midi drum map for numbers to use.

   Tempo (beats/min):
  MIME Type:


  '-' (dash) = rest ,  '.' = touch (ghost note)
  '|' bar division. Spaces have no effect
  Lead makes one part louder.  Lower case is softer.
  Djembe:   B (bass), O (Open: pi, ti), 
            C (Clack: pa, ta), S (Closed Slap)
            F = cC  or f = cO
  Dundun, Sangban, Kenkeni:  O(pen), C(losed), X (Bell)
             Note: the bell is added automatically !!!
  Bell:  L (Low), M/X (Mid), H (High) 
  Wood:  Notes from Low to Hi are: B, L, O/M, H, C, X/S
        For "djembe part" use B/O/C 
        For melody, use L/M/H & also X/S as sharp sticks

E-Mail : vaucher@iro.umontreal.ca
WWW: www.iro.umontreal.ca/~vaucher/Djembe.html
- Updated: December 2004 -
This mirror was installed on December 28, 2002, updated on May 24, 2017 by Andreas Schamanek. Thanks to Jean Vaucher for kindly providing his marvelous MIDI Rhythm Generator.