Recommended Web Applications



Notes and Info Managers, 2Do-Lists

Todo lists+


  • Can't recommend any at the moment, maybe run your own wiki? :-)
Perhaps: Evernote, Diigo (especially if also used for bookmarking)

Polls + Scheduling

Office Tools


Word Processors

PDF Handling

Saving web pages as PDF

Viewing And Editing

  • Samuraj Data's PDF Viewer (http://view.samurajdata.se/) … online viewer for PDF, PostScript and Word, gone for good in 2016?

Social Bookmarking

See also http://historio.us/ + shaarli (a self-hosted solution)

Image Storage and Sharing

Image Editing

  • Pixenate: simple and does the trick
  • Pixlr: sophisticated (requires Flash)
See also: Five Best Online Image Editors (2009-07-05)

Diagrams, Flowcharts, Mindmaps

Others: Gliffy, Cacoo, Creately, Canva (clip art & design focused)

Online File Storage

Online Backups

Sharing (large) files

Services suitable for exchanging large files via e-mail

Project Management & Team Collaboration

Time tracking + Worklogs

  • SlimTimer: Simple interface, small handy popup, lacks support though

(RSS) Aggregators/Feed readers

Blog Comment Trackers

  • None! All the ones we knew of (cocomment, commentful, co.mments, comment-tracker) are gone for good :-/


  • The Web ;-) and what I use personally
  • http://web2.wsj2.com/the_best_web_20_software_of_2005.htm (2007-11-05)
  • http://www.governmententerprise.com/news/192300492 (2006-12-01)

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