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FAM-ily's Windows XP - R.I.P.

FAM-ily's Windows XP boot logo

At my department, we used Microsoft Windows XP for about 10 years. We put a lot of effort into setting it up, speeding it up, making it more secure etc.. After all was done, I wanted to replace the MS boot logo1). That turned out to be quite troublesome. I remember that within a reasonable time frame, anyway stretched by the usual factor, I only managed to convert 2 images that were shown correctly. The resolution was extremely low (even back then) and only 16 specific colors were supported (IIRC). Anyway, I thought it was worth it and the result was a converted/artistified/mutilated photo of one of my old Amaryllis photos.

In April 2014, Windows XP should be more or less history. Thus, we are already taking preps to replace the remaining old PCs. The photo above shows one of them at what will be one of the last times this boot screen will be shown.

BTW, user feedback was quite mixed. Most, I guess, didn't care. Some tolerated it. Some liked it. And some didn't like it. One person actually asked me to replace it with the default boot screen. She said, she didn't like the colors.

Back then the name "Microsoft" really wasn't what I wanted to read every morning.
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