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Network status for our users

I have released the first public version of my netstat.php script which is meant to provide a simplified, easily comprehensible and (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing overview of the online status of hosts and services.


Andreas Schamanek, 2009-12-05 16:37

Today, version 0.14 has been published. The history so far:

0.10 * 2009-11-07  added stopwatch (time diagnostics) for online services
0.11 * 2009-11-09  added RSS feed option for alerts
0.12 * 2009-11-12  cleaned up and simplified settings mechanism
0.13 * 2009-11-18  $alertfile is only included if larger than 2 bytes
0.14 * 2009-12-05  Default CSS code change to improve font size scaling
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