410 Pages gone for good

Previously Andreas Schamanek’s main homepage

Starting 2023-08-08, my webpages at fam.tuwien.ac.at/~schamane/ have been removed.

Sadly, after hosting personal webpages here for more than 20 years, my employer pushed me (under penalty of “disciplinary actions”) to follow her newly set up rules for web services. Not only do I disagree with these rules from a technical point of view, migrating a complex set of web services is by no means an easy task if possible at all. Moreover, I am not willing to abide by the requirement to apply for an exception just because I wanted to provide a web service that doesn’t fit corporate identity castles in the air, like for instance my Content Free Web Page or various honeypots.

So, I pulled the plug on fam.tuwien.ac.at/~schamane/. Some stuff I moved to my private homepage, some pages are archived thanks to archive.org1, the rest is gone for good but feel free to contact me.

Last updated 2023-08-09