Calculation of Private Pension






Financial parameters

Premium refund

Guaranteed payments

Interest p.a.

Payments start

Fixed value


Calculation of Your Private Pension

The following parameters are necessary for the computation:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Beginning of the contract: The date, when the first premium is paid to the insurance company (always the first of a month).
  • Premium refund: If you die before the annuity starts to pay off, you have already paid money to the insurance but did not recive any benefits. But if you agree to add a premium refund of x %, your heirs will receive this amount of the premiums already paid (without interest). Of course the premium for such a contract will be higher.
  • Guaranteed payments: The entered number of months your annuity will be paid out for sure (maybe to your heirs), if you reach this age (otherwise the premium refund may apply). This feature increases the value of the insurance.
  • Annual interest rate
  • Age at retirement: Enter the age, at which you wish to receive the first payment, they start at the first of the month following your birthday.
  • Amount of the premium/annuity: You can fix one of these two parameters, the other one will be calculated.

Premiums and pensions are always paid monthly in advance.


Neither taxes, nor costs no risk premiums are considered. The premiums/annuities calculated here are lower/higher then in reality. On the other hand, a possible profit-sharing is not taken into account.

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